About Me

I’ve been writing about games since 2010, and playing them far longer. This site exists to cover what I don’t normally get to write about.


You can find my work here, obviously, but also at Slant Magazine and in aggregated review form at OpenCritic.

Types of Content


So you’ll find standard reviews under this category, but you’ll also find:

  • “No Refunds,” which offers impressions based on exactly two hours and one minute of playtime
  • “One Life,” which highlights a single underappreciated element that really elevates or ties a game together
  • “First Draft,” which looks at indie mechanics that deserve to be further explored and polished
  • “Missed Opportunities,” which looks at a major release and tries to pinpoint where it unfortunately went wrong


Don’t expect traditional “previews”–this is more of a space to experiment with the non-marketing purpose of demos: more for my “Expectations.”


I’m argumentative, so each day I’ll try to find some sort of video-game related topic and respond to some of the so-called “discourse” that’s arisen about it. Feel free to challenge me; I’m very probably wrong.