No Refunds: “Monster Sanctuary”

Consensus: After exactly two hours and one minute, it was hard for me to stop playing this game, midway through the second dungeon, the Blue Caves. I’ll be coming back to this one for sure. Release Date: 12/8 Platform: PC* (*Available on XBOX Game Pass) Developer: Moi Rai Games Publisher: Team17 Digital I might beContinue reading “No Refunds: “Monster Sanctuary””

One Life: Spider-Man: Miles Morales

I grew up in New York City, which is a blessing and curse when it comes to media. You always feel represented–New York is nothing if not ubiquitous–but you also never quite feel seen, because what you’re seeing reflected through the screen is a glossy, exaggerated mash-up of themes that are always in service toContinue reading “One Life: Spider-Man: Miles Morales”

No Refunds: “Unto the End”

A clangy cross between the gameplay of Dark Souls and the visual aesthetic of Flashback, the Viking-like Unto the End is a brooding, deliberate game that I have absolutely no interest in. This isn’t a bad game, but it’s a sparse and derivative one, with no real way to distinguish itself or draw any butContinue reading “No Refunds: “Unto the End””