Discourse: The Idealism of Game Reviews from the Outside

Over at Defector, Albert Burneko writes harshly against those reviewers who agreed to CD Projekt Red’s embargo in exchange for early access to Cyberpunk 2077, wondering how we might ever trust those “clown” critics who had “abandoned any claim to adversarial journalism, as well as any utility they may have had to their readers.” ThisContinue reading “Discourse: The Idealism of Game Reviews from the Outside”

Imagining a Free-to-Play FFXIV: Eorzea Without Commitment

Final Fantasy XIV is not a free-to-play game. Beyond the cost of the base game itself, which is currently $19.99, there’s also a recurring subscription fee of at least $12.99 a month. Unless, of course, you take advantage of the game’s exceedingly generous free trial, in which case you get access to that entire baseContinue reading “Imagining a Free-to-Play FFXIV: Eorzea Without Commitment”

Discourse: Leveling Up Empathy

The big stories this week surrounded the toxicity of the community responding to one critics report of epileptic triggers in Cyberpunk 2077 that resulted in a grand mal seizure and the choice to publish a well-intentioned but somewhat tone-deaf piece about how to handle exploitative mechanics in Genshin Impact. What the two have in commonContinue reading “Discourse: Leveling Up Empathy”