Expectations: “Tandem: A Tale of Shadows”

Past I’m a fan of puzzle games that play with perception, so the initial pitch for Tandem: A Tale of Shadows caught my attention: you, an Alice-in-Wonderland-looking child named Emma, explore an illusionist’s manor, accompanied by an animated teddy bear named Fenton. There’s a lush, colored top-down view of Emma wandering through the lantern-lit halls,Continue reading “Expectations: “Tandem: A Tale of Shadows””

Expectations: “Chinatown Detective Agency”

I don’t want to judge a game by its demo, so don’t mistake this as a full preview of Chinatown Detective Agency. Instead, this’ll be an opportunity to talk about the past (what caught my eye), the present (what the demo does), and the future (what I’d like to see). Past The cybernoir, pixelated glowContinue reading “Expectations: “Chinatown Detective Agency””